Monday, 2 July 2012

Nice Surprise

A nice surprise looking out of the kitchen window this morning whilst making breakfast, a beautiful male Bullfinch sat on the seed feeder merrily tucking in, I know I get them in the garden but cant get them onto the branches around the feeder for a more natural shot, but nevertheless a handsome bird to photograph, that was until the Jackdaw dropped in a frightened it off, while a baby rabbit happily munched away on the lawn..... nice way to start a Monday morning!!!


  1. Hi gary. Thanks for visiting my blog and I am returning the complement. I don't know where you live but Bullfinch sure is a good garden bird to photograph. Nice one.

    1. Hi Phil,thanks also for visiting my blog, I live in Buckley, North Wales, get all sorts in the garden, the trick is getting them to pose nicely for the camera!! Thanks again.


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