Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Woodland and Coast

This post is very much split between two completely different habitats... the woodland of Marbury Country Park and the North Wirral Coast at New Brighton.

Firstly lets go to a country park that up until recently I never new about, but I am glad that I now have it on my list of places to visit, especially to photograph Nuthatch's . Although on this visit they were a little more cautious about coming down for the free seed offerings I had scattered. But what I didn't expect was so many Jays, I knew they were around, but four of these normally secretive birds were constantly coming down to the peanut feeder and also the peanuts I had scattered on the woodland floor.






Photographing the Jays took over the session a bit, but the Nuthatch's were still coming down to feed


As were the Robins.... you see them everywhere but I can't resist a few snaps !


Now it's off to the North Wirral Coast, and more precisely the western end of New Brighton beach, were I was informed Snow Buntings were to be seen on the beach. I have only ever seen these beautiful, hardy little birds up in the high mountains, but never had the opportunity to photograph them. It took a while to find the pair, but I was delighted to see them, the only downside was trying to photograph small birds in the middle of an exposed beach with a force 9 gale whipping up a sand storm. But nonetheless still managed some nice record shots, and hopefully I can get back on a calmer day before they disappear.






This crafty little Turnstone was huddled in behind a clump of seaweed out of the wind


The Sanderling were just going for it on the tide line, just love the way they scurry about the beach



Lots of Oystercatchers being pushed in by the incoming tide



On the way back down the Dee Estuary called in at West Kirby, mainly to see if the Goosanders on the Marine Lake were close enough, sadly they were not, but still plenty of Redshanks to photograph.





and lastly a bird I see everywhere in all habitats but never photograph, scuttling about at the edge of the lake a lovely Pied Wagtail




  1. Nice work there Gary, great ''in flight'' Jay images, must have taken some patience :-)

  2. Excellent work here again Gary. The lone Jay in flight (second from the top) is brilliant.

  3. A cracking set of images Gary...every one of them. I really like the shots of the Jays and those beautiful little Snow Buntings...[;o)

  4. Great work Gary,it`s not really work though but wonderful enjoyment to be able to see and photograph these photogenic birds keep it up.


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