Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sparrowhawk and Red Deer

One bird that I have ever only managed rushed snap shots of is the Sparrowhawk, so it was with great excitement that I had the opportunity to photograph a stunning male Sparrowhawk that has been regularly visiting a hide in Galloway, South West Scotland.
On the two visits I made it was an amazing experience to see this stunning bird relatively close up, and to be able to photograph it happily feeding.








We are now in one of my favourite times of the year, as I patiently wait for my favourite Whooper Swans to return, I am kept occupied by stunning Red Deer stags rutting, and there is no better place to watch this spectacle than Tatton Park, Cheshire. And the best time of day is very much at firest light, on a stunning misty morning that makes it even more magical.








And a bit of video from both visits


Red Deer Stag mud wallowing


  1. Nice images Gary. I get to see the Sprawk most days in my garden, get fed up with it to tell you the truth! It means little else comes in for me to photograph LoL

  2. Stunning Sparrowhawk shots Gary! I need to get myself along to Tatton Park again soon. Love your deer shots.

  3. Stunning images of the male Sparrowhawk Gary,and the Red Deer Stags don`t get much better than these.


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