Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Magpie v Jay

As I came into the kitchen this morning all bleary eyed and half asleep, I was met with one hell of a commotion from in the garden, peering out of the window quickly to see who was being murdered, I was met with the site of a magpie and a Jay locked in mortal combat!! When I am at home now I leave my camera set up near the kitchen window as there is always something about on the feeders, I grabbed it quickly and made a hurried attempt to get the settings right, and managed to get a few shots to record the scrap. I have had a lot of young Jays visiting the feeding station recently, and looking at the angle the magpie had it pinned down, it looks like the magpie fancied its chances of having it. They did break free and both flew off, none the worse for their early morning spat it seemed. Never seen that before, has anyone else witnessed it?


  1. Brilliant trio of images of these two locked in combat. I reckon this is something of a unique opportunity for you and it will be interesting to see if anybody comes up with a response about 'has anyone else witnessed this'. An excellent reward for keeping your camera at the ready in the kitchen Gary.

  2. Never seen that Gary - cracking behavioural images. I love the jay; wish I had some in my garden.

  3. A bit sad, but that's life I suppose. You did well to move so fast and capture the fight. Not one for a painting though. lol

  4. I did see a magpie chase away a jay in my garden this morning, but no actual fighting!


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