Saturday, 7 July 2012

Chester Zoo.... A few final images

As you will see from my posts below, we have visited Chester Zoo a couple of times recently, I just love visiting the Zoo, and especially the Big Cats, who are a joy to photograph, and even better when I watch SHARON paint some of the images we have seen ( click on her name to see her site)
I have published a few more shots below, some of the Lions which I just adore but also some other images of other favourites, please let me know what you think!!


  1. I love Chester Zoo too, went for my 50th birthday!!! Lots of great images here, love the flamingo, think I might have a go with that!

  2. Beautiful photos! Glad you enjoyed Chester zoo!

  3. How are we looking at the paintings of Mark Rothko these days?
    Is he old hat, replaced in America by more contemporary concerns? Looking at his minimal canvases and their enticing floating squares of subdued paint live at the MOMA recently, I had to stop to wonder whether he still communicates to a modern and younger audience., the site that sells good canvas prints to order from their database of digital images, has many Rothko prints. I ordered this one, Blue and grey,
    , that I have now hanging in my study. I can spend a long time looking at this elusive image that takes me to some other place not in this world.


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