Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Black Grouse Lek

A very early start before sunrise on Sunday to get up onto Llandegla Moors before daylight to see the Black Grouse lekking. I have seen Black Grouse before but never witnessed them lekking, and upon reaching the area I hadn't turned the car engine off and could hear the birds out in the darkness.
Photos were not an option at first as it was still almost dark and all we could see through the binoculars was their white tail displays, but it was just brilliant listening to the birds. and as the light started to increase we could see the males starting to square up to each other.
Photography wasn't great as it turned into a very grey, overcast and damp morning with frequent heavy showers, and most of the birds disappeared by 8am, but what a great spectacle to witness, and I will be back hopefully on a brighter morning for better photographs, but hopefully these shots give you an idea.






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  1. A great sight to see Gary...definitely worth getting up early for!...[;o)


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