Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Our new Walking blog

Sharon and I both have for a while now had our own blogs, mine for my Wildlife Photography and walking, hers mainly for art but also walks and wildlife.
Whilst we were out walking recently we decided to stop featuring our walks on our own blogs, and have our own walking blog site, but rest assured WalksnWildlife will continue but will just be purely wildlife photography, and all our walks in future will be on our walking site, that goes by the name of;

We hope you enjoy visiting and following us on our travels.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Martin Mere and The Whoopers

I just love visiting Martin Mere in the winter and seeing the beautiful Whooper Swans, freshly returned from their summer breeding grounds in Iceland. They are such beautiful and graceful birds, amazing characters and flipping noisy. It was a bitterly cold afternoon when Sharon and I visited and I really fely for her sat freezing while i rattled off some great shots in the lovely afternoon light. But she had a good time following the Peregrines in the binoculars, and as it was the North West Birdwatching Fair we hada  chance to have a look around the various trade stands there. On this visit I concentrated on getting some shots of the wing stretching of these beautiful birds... hope you enjoy....

_DSC7516-001 - Copy

_DSC7562 - Copy







Monday, 19 November 2012

Welsh Waxwings and a surprise Buzzard!!

After driving many miles last week to photograph these beautiful birds, low and behold the Waxwing invasion reached North Wales, and of all places they were 10 minutes from home, on the exotic location of Deeside Industrial Estate!! On the site there are a lot of Waxwings favourite, Rowan Trees and it seems they had spent a lot of the week slowly stripping the berries. These are such obliging birds to photograph, and I hope you enjoy this selection, not only a pleasure to photograph, it was a great morning as it was the first time Sharon had seen a Waxwing.

















After this successful morning, we returned a couple of mornings later, but they were no where to be seen and had obviously moved on. But it was not a wasted trip, as the bird life on this industrial site is plentiful and I still managed some varied shots.

A lovely Buzzard perched on the fence that borders the site



Mistle Thrush


Carrion Crow




Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Another Waxwing

I get tremendous pleasure being able to get out and about photographing the beautiful Wildlife, but I then get an immeasurable sense of pride when I get back and my partner Sharon, produces amazing Watercolour paintings from my photographs. There was one on the end of my last post, here is another watercolour of a Waxwing, again that I photographed last Sunday. You can see more of her bird paintings and a whole lot more on her blog site HERE

Sunday, 11 November 2012


Today I made the long journey from North Wales up to Barrow near Clitheroe, hoping to see the Waxwings that had been visiting all week. I visited the same place two years ago when we had the last waxwing invasion, and the conditions where almost the same nice blue skies and sunshine. These are really beautiful birds, and today they were a little more skittish than I have seen them before, but they dropped quite a few times in the few hours I was there to gorge on the Rowan Berries. And a nice end to the day was seeing Sharons painting of one of todays Waxwings, shown at the end of the post and more of Sharons Wildlife paintings can be seen on her blog site, thank you xx