Sunday, 8 July 2012

Greenacres Animal park

At last a nice sunny day, the planned building of a fence was binned and Sharon and I, took her daughter Sian and friend to Greenacres Animal Park, near Hawarden. Wasn't too sure what to expect, but as always the camera was with me, and I was very pleasantly surprised with what was a delightful little park, that gave you the opportunity to get close to a lot of the animals. Although I much prefer photographing truly wild animals, visits to these little parks certainly help improve my photography, and come up with plenty of surprises. Like the 15 week old eagle owl that had been hand trained, and was a stunning bird, with deep orange eyes, almost a year to the day that Sharon painted a similar bird HERE
A selection of todays shots below, hope you enjoy them, and any comments are most welcome....


  1. All your images are beautiful, Gary ... every one is a work of Art!

  2. Am loving all the eyes Gary.... I want to do a few more eye paintings so great selection here.


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