Wednesday, 23 January 2013


After seeing reports of a Woodcock showing at Martin Mere, I drove up on Sunday morning in the faint hope I might get this elusive bird in front of the camera at last. I have flushed these birds out on walks many times, but never had the camera to hand.
Thankfully my visit was not wasted, as despite it being a really gloomy morning, with frequent snow showers, I managed to locate the Woodcock and with a little patience it showed itself some distance away and I managed to get some half decent record shots.




  1. Not an easy one the Woodcock Gary, in fact I'd say pretty difficult to achieve and I think you did well with these images.

    OK, I know you only accept perfection in your photography - I used to too - but I think especially the bottom one is more deserving than a 'half decent record shot'.

  2. You did really well there Gary. Having flushed many Woodcock from the ground I have yet to manage a shot of one on the ground.

  3. Gary. Difficult to see let alone photograph..your trip to Martin Mere was not in vain with these excellent images of this elusive and beautifully marked bird. A great result well done.


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