Saturday, 12 January 2013

Tiger Tiger!!

Another post from my recent visit to Chester Zoo, this time it concentrates on the Sumatran Tiger, and Kirani and her daughter Tila. I adore Lions, but I think Tigers are my favourite big cat, and it saddens me that they are in desperation out in the wild, and everything must be done to help save this magnificent animal. Take a look at the tremendous work they do at South Lakes Animal Park

Firstly, this is Tila, not even one year of age yet, but a mighty impressive Tiger

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 1119

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 1138

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 1141

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 1145

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 1170

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 1242

and this is mum, Kirani

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 1266

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 1312

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 1384


  1. Stunning animal, stunning images Gary.

  2. Fabulous images! It feels like you were a hair's breadth away! xx

  3. I love tigers, too, Gary! These two ladies are gorgeous!

  4. Gary, to help clarify, if you took these images at Chester Zoo in Jan 2013 then your 2 lovely lady tigers are in fact a male and a female. They are Kirana & Fabi. Their Cubs Nila & Tila both moved to new collection in France and Germany in November & December 2012 at just over 1 year old. The tiger with the larger ruff in your images is Kirana the Female. Hope this helps you with identification. Cheers Debs

  5. thanks for share...

  6. Awesome pictures! You're great!!

    Can I publish them in my Google and other platforms. I love nature. Im a writer.


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