Saturday, 5 January 2013

African Painted Dogs

The beauty of having membership at Chester Zoo and living so close is having the ability to call in when I have a few hours spare, this was the case on New Years Eve, and I decided to concentrate my efforts on photographing the African Painted Dogs. These are really beautiful animals, their markings are lovely, and it was interesting to spend some time watching them interact, showing their natural behaviour of living in a pack, and the enclosure they have at the Zoo is really natural and spacious.

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 478

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 468

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 164

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 187

This one looks like he is stood in front of a mirror!!

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 316

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 319

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 144

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 376

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 468

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 489

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 496

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 407

Chester Zoo 31.12.12 217


  1. I honestly don't ever recall seeing African Painted Dogs before, a beautiful creature.

    Having taken out membership of Chester Zoo and living so close was such an obvious and worth while thing to do, and to be able to 'pop in' and get photographs like this....Excellent stuff Gary.

  2. Fabulous Gary. My one regret from Kenya was not seeing Hunting Dogs - we weren't close to any. I might have to take a trip to Chester now after seeing your shots. By the way Chiffchaffs are migrants but small numbers do winter in the UK, including in the NW. Cheers.

  3. Beautiful, the African Painted Dogs are exquisite, they are together as nature would have them. Excellent photos Gary.

  4. Amazing photography, you have taken excellent photographs of these African Painted Dogs, every photograph have quite unique and attractive look. Evey photographs has great attraction and every painted dogs are looking very attentive. I want to say thanks for sharing these great admirable photographs.

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  5. Wonderful images Gary... Chester Zoo is a fantastic place to visit and living just down the road in Northwich makes it so handy. I have never thought about becoming a member so many thanks for the heads up.


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