Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Carneddau Pony surprise!!

One of my favourite photographs I took last year, was completely un-planned, I didn't know it was going to happen, but it was just one of those magical wow moments. Sharon and I had been out walking on the Carneddau, a beautiful, rugged and wild landscape on the eastern side of Snowdonia, an area where the Carneddau ponies roam free.
We often see them on our walks in this area, and each time we do it gives such a thrill to see these wild ponies living free in such a harsh environment. They are so beautiful, exquisitely marked and normally have big shaggy manes.
This particular day we hadn't seen many and as we were coming off the final summit this solitary figure appeared on the skyline, but it was the way it just magically appeared and seemed to be walking with a complete purpose straight towards us, I just looked at Sharon and we were both thinking the same thing.....magic.
Well I had the camera to hand grabbed a few shots, and that moment will always stay with us. But Sharon has said ever since that she wanted to paint the photo, and the image she had in her memory, and at last she got it done last week, I think it is just amazing, and she has absolutely captured the magic of the moment. She has a bit more of a write up on it on her art site HERE
We've seen loads since and it is exciting each time, but that one moment when that magnificent pony sidled over the horizon will stay with me forever.



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