Tuesday, 8 January 2013

So Proud!!

There are many reasons why I get so much joy and pleasure from photographing the natural world, it is being out in the beautiful countryside, seeing our amazing wildlife, visiting spectacular places on our walks, and getting that killer photograph that really makes the effort worthwhile.

But I truly think the biggest sense of pride is when I have finished photographing and have the final images, my amazing girlfriend, Sharon transforms them into amazing watercolour paintings. I share a lot of my images with an artists site called Paint my Photo, where photographers provide images for artists, and its really great to see your photos recreated in many mediums. But when it is your loved one who produces amazing paintings I cannot describe how it feels. She is extremely talented and the standard of her work is improving all the time. More of her work can be seen on her site
but below are some of her recent paintings all from my photos.
Thank you Sharon xx


  1. that's very naughty of you - so embarrassing!! xx

  2. Sharon is improving very fast with her watercolours,a wonderful gift and quite rightly for you to be proud of her work Gary.

  3. Well done Sharon. Very nice work, quite a talent she has.

  4. So wonderful to see Gary.... and tell Sharon she has nothing to be embarrassed about.


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