Monday, 28 January 2013

Robin the brave!!

The day after the heavy snowfall on Friday, Sharon and I headed for Chester Zoo, hoping to see a lot of the animals out in the snow. I headed to my favourite big cats hoping they would be active, and the Tigers and Lions didn't let me down.
But it was a little Robin that stole the show, the Tigers were fed a nice joint of meat, and Kirani the female tucked into her lunch, only for a little Robin to appear and creep closer and closer to the Tigers jaws, before nipping in quickly to grab titbits that were falling off the joint.
It was an amazing thing to watch and shows how brave these little birds are, or how desperately hungry they get in the depths of winter.
The shot below I am really proud of, the Robin perched ready to take his chance with the Tigers head in the background.

















  1. It is an excellent shot, Gary. Not many opportunities to get that!

  2. Brilliant shots of the Lions/lioness. Chester zoo is becoming a great attraction.

  3. A once in a lifetime chance with the Robin there Gary. You took it splendidly and the other images are of course just brilliant.

  4. Wonderful series, congratulation. Robin together with the tiger really lovely. Like a giant and a dwarf :)
    Tiger has unbelievable teeth on pic# 5. Thanks for sharing these photos.
    Greetings, Miklos

  5. What gorgeous photos! And that little bird, unafraid and waiting for tidbits. Perhaps it knows that big cat isn't interested in bird when it can have so much meat? The sunlight and the snow worked well for you in all these photos :)

  6. Another excellent series would be something of an understatement Gary, and the Robin images are unique to me.

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