Saturday, 19 April 2014

Black Grouse

For the last week or so I have visited the Black Grouse Lek up at Worlds End, all have been early morning starts and in differing weather all have been great experiences.
These enigmatic birds are a delight to sit and observe whilst they are lekking, they each have their own little patch of the moor and any other birds that come into it are quickly challenged, and this ranges from a lot of posturing and strutting about with all their bright white tail feathers displayed, or to full combat where it is all claws and beaks.
I visited early on Wednesday morning, the forecasted clear sunny morning materialised and this resulted in my best photos of the week. It has been a great little project, one I had never experienced before, and I count myself very lucky to have seen it.








Great to see the Wheatears back from their migtration.



  1. Wow!...Cracking shots Gary, the first four are just stunning images..well worth those early starts?..[;o)

  2. A remarkable set. A bird I have not seen in the wild. Beautiful work

  3. Your photos are absolutely stunning!

  4. Simply awesome! The only thing better than seeing your photos would have been to see this in person. Thanks! Safe travels.

  5. As someone who is into wildlife tourism in India, it becomes imperative for us to see the world view on wildlife. Your blog does just that. Thanks!

  6. Birds on the move create a stunning image. You need to use a fast shutter speed to capture the moment but at the same time, you want the majority of the animal to be sharp so there is a contrast between blur and sharp.

  7. Boa tarde, belíssimos instantâneos com muita qualidade e enorme beleza, adorei!

  8. WOW!
    The second and third photos are fabulous, beautiful light!
    Best time of day to for photography!


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