Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Back blogging !!! Red Deer Rut

My blog seems to have taken a back seat for far too long, so much else going on that needs updating Facebook, Twitter and the website, but I am determined to now keep it updated and link it to the website.

First post back will focus on Red Deer, it is that time of year when the Red Deer are rutting, and I have spent some time recently at Tatton Park, there is a lot of Deer that roam the park, with quite a few big Stags, and being more used to people getting closer shots is a little more easier. But they are still very much wild animals and getting too close to the stags at this time of year is not advisable.

Sadly over two trip I never got the shots of rutting stags that I was after, but still managed some nice shots.








Hopefully I will get the opportunity to get back there before the Rut finishes, but this weekend we are off up to The Lakes to try and get some shots of the Salmon that are running up the rivers and leaping up the waterfalls.

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  1. Hey Gary,
    What a great shots!! Amazing to see how you've photographed these so well.
    Big compliments for these results.

    Best regards,


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