Wednesday, 2 April 2014


A bird that I have longed to photograph for a long time is the Dipper, I got some information of a pair that had a territory on a local river, and on Sunday morning we spent a delightful few hours watching the pair avidly building their new nest. It was enthralling watching these delightful birds gathering mouthfuls of moss and taking it back to their nest site, sometimes resting a few metres in front of us as we sat quietly at the river side. A few shots to follow from the many I took, the only downside was the weather was a bit overcast and the light wasn't great under the trees along the river side.












  1. Superb set of images.Rather inspiring for a personal project.

  2. A cracking set of images of these stunning little birds Gary. Unfortunately a bird that, as yet, has not made it onto my list!...[;o)


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