Friday, 4 April 2014

Peregrine Falcons

A great opportunity today to photograph Peregrine Falcons, I do not really want to disclose where the birds where as they are obviously getting ready to breed, but it was a massive thrill to be able to photograph these stunning birds, in the environment where they are the apex predator, truly the king of the skies.












  1. Gary. What can I say!! These are magnificent. What a great thrill to get such magnificent images of these top raptors.I think this encounter makes up for the lack of wheatears!!

  2. I have been observing peregrines in the city scape for many years now, While it is always a thrill to see one, your photos took my breath away. Thank you for sharing your talents and for not sharing their location!

  3. A superb set of images Gary. It must have been a wonderful experience spending some time, up close, with these magnificent birds?...[;o)

  4. Gary, What a beautiful set of images of a bird that will always trigger memories for me..
    Knowing about birds of prey was something that my son had a passion to learn about..He had a great interest in the peregrine falcon.
    Whenever I see a hawk, I always feel as though he's watching me from above. Thank you for these great photos..

  5. These are superb Gary. A top predator, up close.
    Understandable that you kept the location secret; still too many people about that want to harm these magnificent birds.

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  7. I have no word for your photography. Location of images of image is amazing... How did you do it.Really nice work keep it up Gary.
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