Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Black Grouse Lek.....revisited

A third visit to the Black Grouse Lek up at Worlds End near Minera, the forecast was spot on and for once it was a stunning clear morning as we left. In place at the Lek at 6am, lots of birds already lekking in the early morning light, great to sit and watch whilst waiting for the rising sun to lift the light levels and get the camera going.
The sun was perfect coming in over our shoulders and lighting the birds up beautifully, started to get some nice shots, then the birds suddenly stopped, all went quiet, they hunkered down in the heather, and the reason soon became apparent. A peregrine had come through the Lek and perched on a ridge close by, the birds stayed still for a while but soon vacated as the Peregrine settled in on its perch. Couldnt believe the bad luck, its took three visits to get the right light and then a Peregrine spoils the party, but still great to see it. Below are some of the shots I managed before they vacated....











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