Monday, 1 October 2012


Continuing the theme of Big Cats, this post concentrates on the beautiful Cheetah, and we are very fortunate living so close to Chester Zoo where they have a great record of breeding Cheetahs, and have beautifully landscaped enclosures for them. On this visit I was fortunate that three males where really active in one of the enclosures.












  1. Beautiful creatures, beautifully photographed Gary....well its what we expect from you.

    Best Wishes. Pete.

  2. What a graceful and exquisite animal! Thank you for posting these, Gary.

  3. Hey Gary,
    These shots are so great!!
    Nice portrets!! It's really fantastic to see them so close.
    This is real enjoyment. I like this so much.
    I can see these cheetahs in Holland in a Safaripark (Beekse Bergen), where they can be photographed from your own car. These animals are so great to see in real and so close.

    Greetings, Marco


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