Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A misty dawn at RSPB Leighton Moss

One of my favourite reserves to visit is the RSPB reserve at Leighton Moss, near Silverdale in Cumbria, especially at this time of year when the Red Deer that roam the reserve and surrounding conutryside are rutting. So I got up very early Sunday morning for a 5.30am departure from North Wales, arriving up there just after 7am, and safely into the Grisedale Hide with a few other early birds hoping for a good show from the big Stags. Sadly it never happened and the best I got was a bit of a rutting from some younger stags, but they looked amazing across the misty pools at first light.






I just love photographing swans, and when a couple decided to take off from the water, and were coming at my with the rising sun lighting up the background, they looked magical




A big stretch again nicely back lit


Not one of my favourites, but Sharon adores Herons so I was really pleased to get some nice shots for her






I havent seen a Kingfisher at Leighton Moss for a long time, this one was a fair way off in a distant tree, but a record shot nonetheless.


Bye for now, and as usual your feedback and comments are most welcome.


  1. Some stunning early morning atmospherics from the Grisedale Hide and the Red Deer Gary. You can almost hear, feel and smell the whole scene through your photography....Excellent.

    1. Thanks Pete, was a great morning, just wish some of the big stags had been about!!

  2. How can you not love herons - they're brilliant! you already know that I love the atmosphere of these shots - just wish I'd been there to witness it !

    1. I don't dislike Herons, just don't love them like you, and how I wanted you to be there!!!

  3. Nice work with the camera Gary. Always impressive to get a subject well backlit like the Swan.

  4. Gary.Well worth the early morning start..great atmospheric shots from Leighton.Pity the big boys didn't oblige !!
    Super swan shots also. Hope to meet up again sometime.

  5. Such stunning photography ... I love the misty atmospheric shots of the Red Deer but the swans and herons are truly amazing.

  6. Wonderful photography,wonderful subjects and great atmospheric light Gary,captured to perfection,very well done.

  7. Those are stunning shots of the deer Gary. I can't think how you managed those because it is so obviously very murky out there.


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