Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Back to the Big Cats

Ever since I was a kid I have loved visiting the Zoo, and in particular Chester Zoo. Zoos as a whole have really improved over the years from enclosures that were predominantly caged enclosures, to the stage we are at today were the animals are kept in enclosures that better reflect their natural environment and live a better life in captivity as a result. This is certainly the case at Chester, and earlier in the year Sharon and I became members which gives us unlimited entry, and living so close to the zoo means I can nip down when I have a few hours to spare and concentrate on photographing individual species. Last week I concentrated on one of my favourite big cats.... Tigers... and it was great to see Kirana and her two cubs. Below are some of the shots from the morning. I also got some great Cheetah shots that I will post soon.










  1. Gary, what absolutely stunning photos!!! Love the one of the BIG yawn. You are so fortunate to be able to visit and photograph there so easily.

    1. Thanks very much Kathryn, I do love the Zoo and its great being so close!

  2. You captured these wonderful and beautiful creatures so well....I love your work!!!

  3. What an excellent idea to become a member of the zoo and live so close that you can 'nip in' when you feel like it....the perfect situation especially for someone like yourself who loves to visit and photograph the residents.

    It goes without saying, the results of your latest visit are the usual brilliant - and in this case exciting - standard Gary.

  4. It must be great living so close to Chester Zoo Gary. I think like you I would spend time there too if I lived a little nearer. Especially if I could get shots like your bit scary tigers.

  5. Gary. Wonderful images of the tigers. I recently visited Blackpool Zoo to photograph their beautiful Amur Tiger.It is great that you can visit Chester Zoo whenever to obtain such wonderful images..Keep up the good work..Look forward to the cheetahs.

  6. We were thinking how cuddly until we saw the big mouth shot. We are regular visitors to Chester Zoo too. From Findlay

  7. thanks fore all your great comments, hopefully will have some Cheetah images on soon


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