Sunday, 11 November 2012


Today I made the long journey from North Wales up to Barrow near Clitheroe, hoping to see the Waxwings that had been visiting all week. I visited the same place two years ago when we had the last waxwing invasion, and the conditions where almost the same nice blue skies and sunshine. These are really beautiful birds, and today they were a little more skittish than I have seen them before, but they dropped quite a few times in the few hours I was there to gorge on the Rowan Berries. And a nice end to the day was seeing Sharons painting of one of todays Waxwings, shown at the end of the post and more of Sharons Wildlife paintings can be seen on her blog site, thank you xx





















  1. Lovely set of shots :)

    I was at Barrow 2yrs ago when they last came, I went nearly every day they were there, not been yet this year

  2. Thanks Dave, likewise I was there 2 years ago and it was great to see them back there again, dont think I'll get back to Barrow, but they seem to be appearing all over North Wales local to me, so will hopefully get some more in front of the camera this week!!

  3. just as expected Gary....wonderful set if images of these brilliant birds.

    As for 'The Rambling Artist' and the painting of the Waxwing....set to grow in her fame as I see it if you don't mind me saying so.

    1. I don't mind at all Pete, I keep telling her the same!!!

  4. Cracking set of a cracking bird Gary.
    Still waiting for them to come down here.
    Soon, I hope :-)

  5. Fantastic captures Gary they are wonderful birds to see. The last ones for me were also two years ago but only at Kelsall on one of the fruit farms so not too far from you.
    Let Sharon know her painting is lovely.

  6. Your photos are a joy to view, Gary! And Sharon's painting of the waxwing is a beauty!!!

  7. Gary.Wonderful images of the bird of the moment..A photographers dream,blue skies,red berries and waxwings. Glad your trip to Barrow paid off.Still a lot in Preston but I don't think for much longer.Sharon's paintings are superb..a very talented lady.

  8. I can only echo Brians words on these images Gary,what a talent Sharon has.I'am trying to put your blog as a link to mine but no joy as yet I will keep trying.

  9. Brilliant shots Gary.I especially like the one top and bottom of the bare tree - great compostion.


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