Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Another Waxwing

I get tremendous pleasure being able to get out and about photographing the beautiful Wildlife, but I then get an immeasurable sense of pride when I get back and my partner Sharon, produces amazing Watercolour paintings from my photographs. There was one on the end of my last post, here is another watercolour of a Waxwing, again that I photographed last Sunday. You can see more of her bird paintings and a whole lot more on her blog site HERE


  1. Nothing quite like 'em is there Gary :-)

  2. Sharon's painting is lovely, she certainly is very talented.

    I have just caught up with your beautiful photos on the previous post Gary, they really are stunning! What a magnificent bird the Waxwing is. Unfortunately there are no reports of them reaching my area so far this time and in 2010/11 I managed to be just about the only person in the country who missed out on them!


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