Monday, 3 September 2012

Extreme Painting!!

As you will have seen from my post last WEEK Sharon and I visited Loggerheads, which is beneath our local favourite... Moel Famau, for her to do some Plein air painting. We visited again on Saturday, but this time didnt walk along the river, but instead climbed up the steep path onto the Limestone escarpment that towers over Loggerheads, and looks across to Moel Famau, and this was the view she had planned on painting. The conditions were quite good when we left the car, but as we left the woods onto the cliff edge, to say there was a stiff breeze was a bit of an understatement! It was blowing a gale, and I thought to myself she aint going to get the paints out, but paint she did, despite the wind doing its best to relieve her of all her bits, and she produced some lovely small loose paintings of the great view, I'm sure they will be on her blog site soon, take a look HERE
Whilst she was painting I had a mooch round with the camera, a selection of the evenings shots below, as always your comments are gratefully received.

The view across to Moel Famau


And a little to the left over Loggerheads


The artist at work, her hair illustrating how windy it was!!


as tea time approached we had a wander down through the woods to head back to the pub, this shot of the exposed tree roots caught my eye


The River Alyn that runs through Loggerheads, and the bridge that Sharon painted from the other side last week.


The 'Wee Three Loggerheads' our tea time stop, and very nice it was!


The climb back to the escarpment a little more difficult with a full stomach!!


Back on top to hopefully catch a nice sunset over Moel Famau


At this stage we set off for home as the wind had become flippin chilly!


I've really enjoyed our last two trips out watching Sharon paint 'in the wild', as I type we are hoping to get up there tonight as the weather promises a nice evening, then we are dropping a few framed paintings and prints off at the pub as they have agreed to display them for sale... fingers crossed the punters like them and a few sales come our way.


  1. Great pictures and looks like a great pub for a long lunch Gary.

  2. Thanks Phil, and yes the pub is very good!!

  3. Gorgeous scenery! Your photos are beautiful! I really like that stone bridge.


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