Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Great Crested Grebes

For many years I have hoped to photograph Great Crested Grebes performing their courtship 'Weed dancce'....I realised this hope this weekend just gone, when I finally got a pair dancing in the viewfinder.
Pairs of Great Crested Grebes perform elaborate courtship displays, shaking their heads, dipping their necks, diving under the water emerging with beak fulls of weed before coming together raised out of the water for their beautiful weed dance.
A few shots from the early morning session below;













can't resist photographing Herons, this one nicely perched beyond the Grebes in a tree low to the water



  1. Some cracking images there Gary. I can see the light changing in the shots :-)

  2. Amazing photos of these gorgeous birds!

  3. Sorprendentes y preciosas imágenes... Un abrazo desde Murcia.

  4. That's a great set of images Gary...superbly captured...[;o)

  5. Cracking set Gary.
    I've been lucky to witness this amazing spectacle quite a few times.
    One of natures magic moments.

  6. Echoing everything everyone has said about these brilliant birds and their equally brilliant display. Your images illustrate this spectacle to perfection Gary.


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