Saturday, 28 March 2015

Back up to date - Kestrels, Grouse and much more !

My last post didn't seem that long ago, but I must have been out a fair bit since as the images to process have stacked up.... here is a selection from my recent wanderings...

Dee Estuary High Tide

Last weekend saw a few days of 10m+ high tides, and there is no better place to be than down on the Dee Estuary at Parkgate. Lots on view as the incoming tide lifted the bird life off the salt marsh.

The Kestrels that live along this stretch are kept really busy picking off rodents fleeing the incoming water.







My last post concentrated on Great Crested Grebes where I was lucky enough to photograph them in their courtship weed dance, well I returned to try again, sadly they did not dance on my visit but were very busy mating!






There is nothing better than having a wander along our local river, especially when the Dippers are obliging!



The Grey Wagtails are always difficult to get close too, always very flighty


This was my first visit this year up onto the moors outside of Llangollen at Worlds End to photograph the Black Grouse Lek, I always look forward to seeing this enigmatic birds, it is just great to sit and watch as they strut their stuff







Below is a short video clip of two males sparring!

Bringing you right up to date, yesterday we had a lovely wander across Conwy Mountain just on the North Wales coast, an area that is really rich in bird life, lost count of the number of buzzards we saw, plus Peregrine and Kestrels, and rather pleasingly saw at least 5 different pairs of Stonechat





Raven sitting on the cliff edge


one of the stacks of Meadow Pipits around


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