Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A bit of variety ....

The last couple of weeks have seen me out with the camera in very different locations, I am still without my big lens, still being repaired but if nothing else the time without it has given me some valuable time with my 300mm F4 and combined with a 1.4TC it has worked really well.
A couple of weeks ago Sharon and I were exhibiting at RSPB Conwy, although it was not a really busy day on the stand, outside it was a beautiful day and was great to have a wander around the reserve....

A few years ago a Little Egret sighting was a rarity, thankfully they are a common sight at many estuaries, stunning birds up close




there was a beautiful pair of Mute Swans feeding right outside the 'Lookout' where our exhibition was


On Saturday morning we returned to RSPB Burton Mere to hopefully see the Long Eared Owl that has recently taken up residence, unfortunately it has taken to roosting in a dense Hawthorn bush, although I couldn't get a clear view through to it, was quite pleased with what I got




Then it was on to Parkgate down on the Dee Estuary for the high tide due at lunchtime, at 10.3m this is a big tide that floods much of the salt marsh, pushing all the rodents in closer to land, bringing with it raptors such as Short Eared Owls and Kestrels, as well as all the waders pushed in by the tide.
No real keepers out of the camera, but still some nice record shots.

Short eared owl hunting along the tide line


Quite a few Kestrels about picking off fleeing rodents


the preverbial 'Drowned Rat' !!


we saw quite a few Water Rails flushed out by the incoming tide


I lost count of the number of Herons following the tide in for easy pickings



this little Water Vole one of the lucky ones that escaped the incoming tide


this little guy swimming for it


Sunday morning we had an early wander down the River Alyn hoping to see Dippers, and quickly found the resident pair, lots of courtship and displaying going on, a sure sign that Spring is just around the corner, as is the Snowdrops





  1. A cracking set of images Gary (who needs a big lens?!) The Brown Rat made me smile and those Dippers are just gorgeous...[;o)

  2. A real nice set of images today Gary :-) Nice and varied too mate, well done with those :-)

  3. Wonderful photos! I will take great pleasure looking at your spring. Ours is a very, very long way away.

  4. Perfect exposure on the little egrets Gary,not an easy thing to get right.Beautiful dipper images one of my favourite birds to photograph.


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