Saturday, 24 January 2015

Dee Estuary High Tide

This week saw the first big 10m+ tides of the year, so on Friday we went up to the North Wirral coast at Hoylake, here when the tide is big enough it pushes the huge flocks of wading birds right up close to the beach front. And so it turned out, massive flocks of Sanderling, Knot and Dunlin could be seen on the water line as we arrived and hour before high water, and it was brilliant watching them get closer as the tide advanced. Then we scooted down the coast to Parkgate where the salt marsh floods during the big high tides, here we got distant views of Short eared Owls, lots of corvids, Gulls and Herons all feeding on the rodents fleeing the incoming water.
The light was not great, the weather overcast and very grey, big ISO's order of the day, hoping to get back for the next high tides on a sunnier day!

Firstly to Hoylake....











and to Parkgate, distant shots of the Short eared Owls only on this visit






  1. Impressive stuff Gary,pity about the light,but great practice for next time when hopefully the light will be better.P.S I was unable to make Rossall for the high tide but it`s booked in for the next one.

  2. A great illustrated account of your visit to the Dee Estuary....Keep on keeping on Gary.


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