Monday, 12 January 2015

New year at the Zoo

My first blog post for 2015, and where better place to start than my favorite Chester Zoo.
I have previously said I would much prefer to be photographing all animals in their natural habitat not in a Zoo or Safari park, and there are many 'Zoos' that I will not visit.... but Chester is very much an exception, over the years the improvements in the conditions and environment in which the animals are kept have drastically improved, and the Zoo is leading the way in many conservation and reintroduction initiatives.
below are some of my favourite images from my recent visit...

Asiatic Elephant





Rothschild Giraffe


2 week old youngster







Black Jaguar




Asiatic Lion











Sumatran Tiger




Spectacled Bear



  1. A fabulous collection of such beautiful creatures! I want that black kitty,kitty............

  2. Iv'e become more flexible about zoos over the years. How many thousand Elephants get slaughtered each year.

    Excellent set of photographs Gary, and the Black Panther....WOW.


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