Sunday, 17 February 2013

Findlays Birthday and Frodsham Marsh

Today Sharon and I joined some fellow bloggers to celebrate the 11th birthday of Findlay Wilde, if you have not heard of Findlay you should check out his blog site HERE, a truly inspirational young lad.
His parents Nigel and Heather had organised a surprise afternoon for him, inviting his blogging friends, for Findlay to take us on a walk around his local patch. It was a great afternoon, a lovely walk, and I dont know how they did it but also a Kingfisher put in an appearance. Followed by Nigels delicious stew and dumplings on our return.
Thanks Nigel and Heather for the invite, and we hope you had a great birthday surprise Findlay.
As I didn't get a group shot, I have pinched this from Findlays page!!

The rest are my photos.... honestly

Firstly that great surprise, a Kingfisher, that was actively feeding in the pools along the river






Didn't really photograph a lot else, this Coot looked nice in the afternoon sunshine


On our way to Findlays, we had called in at Frodsham Marsh, only briefly to have a look about for a future longer visit, on our brief wander....

we saw some Buzzards circling above, and also perched



and mobbed by crows


scaring off the Starlings as it lands


there were quite a few of these up in the hedgerows, we have come to the conclusion they are Linnet?


and a female Stonechat


Lastly.... the rambling artist in her nifty new head wear.... love it!!




  1. beautiful pic's Gary, the 4th and 5th pic's of the kingfisher superb

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  3. It looks like a great time was had by all! It was even sunny. Your kingfisher photos are wonderful!

  4. You got the fish picture, it's brilliant. I was so happy to see you and Sharon again and I am really pleased you enjoyed the walk. And thank you so much for the clock. From Findlay

  5. We were delighted that you we able to make it and we will have to make a date to tackle Frodsham marsh together.

  6. Gary, it was great to met you and Sharon at a fantastic day organised by Findlay's parents. Great weather, good company, and a posing Kingfisher; perfect.
    Your shots of the Kingfisher are superb, especially tossing the fish. A great capture.

    They certainly look like Linnets to me. :-)

  7. Looks like a great time! What a great photographer you are!

  8. Hi Gary, You've captured a great set of images here. The ones of the most photographed Kingfisher in Cheshire are just stunning...the one where it's juggling with the fish is a winner for sure.

    It was good to meet up with you and Sharon at Findlay's special day, it was a great day and I'm sure that Findlay really enjoyed his 'surprise'...[;o)

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