Saturday, 9 February 2013

Carneddau Ponies.... and our latest walk

Yesterday Sharon and I had a great walk over the Carneddau mountains in North Wales, this beautiful area is also home to wild ponies. Whenever we are out walking in this area we are constantly on the lookout for them, they really are amazing animals surviving in such a remote and harsh environment. Yesterday they were quite low down in the valleys as the weather was quite extreme high up as we found out, but the ones we came across were beautiful.







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  1. Yes, amazing creatures these ponies Gary, as you say living and surviving in such a harsh environment, and if they get any amount of illnesses they could fall for they just have to get on with it....truly amazing.

    Excellent illustrations of them again too Gary, the mane on the white one is particularly quite something.

  2. Fabulous photos, Gary! The little grey posing head-to-head with the white looks like she is expecting. :)


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