Tuesday, 11 December 2012

New Camera time !!!!

At long last I have reached my Holy Grail........... a Nikon D3.... ok a D4 would have been nice, but having not won the lottery the D3 gave the old bank account a bit of a kicking... but it will really be worth it. I have to thank Sharon so much for giving me the push, and she is so right, you only live once, and go for it. Its been a bit frustrating having had it for over a week and not being able to get out with it, but on Sunday whilst up in Barrow we had the chance to call into South Lakes Wild Animal Park late in the afternoon. The Jaguars were being fed about 3.30, the light was appalling, starting to get dark, but flicked the camera up to
ISO 4000 !!! and below are the resulting shots. I am extremely pleased and full of excitement to get out now and really put it through its paces..... watch this space.


down goes the head!!




  1. I look forward to seeing some more results from the new Camera Gary, enjoy!!

  2. Sharon was right in giving you the push Gary - Whoops, wonder if I should re-word that - You only live once, as for 'your first three'....WOW. Can't wait to see what's next Gary.

  3. Did you slip a zero in there Gary. That was ISO 4000? Looks like a great camera. Sharon's right - you can't take it with you, but plenty of folk still think you can.

  4. I'm amazed at the quality of these photos knowing how the light was fading when you took them!

  5. Oh my! What stunning photos. I bet you are thrilled with the new camera! xx

  6. Gary. Welcome to the D3 Club..Off to a great start with the jaguars..Look forward to more from the new Nikon !!

  7. Wow iso 4000 and these are brilliant images Gary,this camera opens up a whole new world for your photography.

  8. Great to have new toys :-)
    These are excellent Gary.


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