Sunday, 19 August 2012

Haystacks and Fleetwith Pike

Yesterday, Sharon and I travelled up to the Lakes, the occasion was to help our friend Shirley walk her final two Wainwrights, these being Fleetwith Pike and then finishing her 214 on Haystacks. When we left home in Wales it was a bit of a grey morning but not raining, by the time we arrived at Gatesgarth Farm at the foot of Fleetwith, it was pouring with rain and judging by the amount of water coming off the fells it had been all night. The morning was pretty much a photographic write off, but as we came out of our lunch break from the Dubs bothy, the rain had stopped and the camera could come out. It turned out a beautiful afternoon and by the time we got back we had virtually dried out, besides the soggy wet boots. A great day with some good friends, we both were a bit worn out when we arrived home at 9pm after getting up at 5.15am!!

A few photos below from when the weather turned out rather nice

The cloud almost clear of the fells, this view down to Buttermere and beyond


Sharon and Holly


Haystacks as we descend Scarth Gap


We walked straight up the ridge on the front of Fleetwith in the morning in the pouring rain with no views, looked amazing later in the afternoon


Looking into Warnscale Bottom from Peggys Bridge, Fleetwith Pike to the left, Haystacks to the right




and again



  1. More impressive and dramatic images from your mountaineering adventures Gary, a joy to look at....keep em cumin.

  2. thanks Pete, lots more to come!!


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