Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Autumn... and the Rut is on the horizon

It is very sad that the summer (what there was of it!!) is drawing to a close, the nights are slowly drawing in, and the mornings already seem to be getting a little crisper. But through that sadness, there is great excitement on the horizon, I just love the Autumn, the leaves turning brown, that early morning chill, our Wildlife preparing for the harshness of the oncoming winter, but most of all it is the prospect of the annual Red Deer rut that excites me. There is no better sound, than that of a bellowing Red Deer stag on a cold still crisp morning, it really does send shivers down your spine and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. This autumn I really hope to get some nice shots, and hopefully some better ones of the big stags locking horns as they fight over the ladies.
I have posted a few favourite shots from the last few years, hopefully will have a lot more to post in the coming months.









Thanks for dropping by to take a look, once again looking back through my old  shots and blogging has been a bit of light relief, as dad still remains poorly in hospital, so just a little down in the doldrums at the moment, but I'll soon be back on form!!! Thanks  Gary

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  1. Magnificent animal, Gary. I can see why you'd be thrilled to see more of them in action in the fall.


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