Thursday, 21 June 2012

Its been too long !!!

Its felt like an age since I last updated my blog, been concentrating too much on other things, and have somewhat neglected my blog, hopefully will put that right and keep it updated a little more.
Lots been going on in recent months on the walking and wildlife front and I will try and summarise it with a few photos. Also lots coming on the horizon, the main project I am workinbg on now is selecting photos to produce as prints to go on sale, as well as getting out with the camera and walking if the rain ever stops!!
One of the most recent highlights was a trip up to the Farne Islands, and to see the amazing Puffins

I have wanted to get some shots of Hares for a long time, and whilst out last week caught sight of one hunkered down in a field on the Wirral


Another shot I have been after for some time, is that enigmatic pose on the side of a tree of a nuthatch, this I got at Pistyll Rhaedr Falls, on the Berwyns in North Wales.


On the walking front, the highlight has to be the trip to Greece to climb Mount Olympus, standing at 2917m or 9570ft, it is one of Europes highest, and was an amazing experience that I will long remember. I went with Sharon and a group of friends, and the two of us can proudly boast that we were the only ones to climb it from sea level to the top. An amazing week in Greece, and a few photos below.

The first is in the Enipeas Canyon on the first day trekking up Olympus, one of the most stunningly beautiful walks I have been on



The team as we are well and truly above the snow line


And successfully at the top


And as we left on summit morning, sunrise over the Aegean from the refuge at 2000m up Olympus.


One of my favourite photos this year has to be the two Mute Swans on Ullswater in the Lake District, they looked so serene on a misty spring morning.


So much more that I havent published, I will get some more up of the missing months in my next post.....


  1. Over four months off the radar Gary....too long mate, you'll need to 'pull your socks up' as I always need to be on the lookout for excellent images for Birds2blog and these are a fantastic start to the search. Looking forward to more updates from you Gary

    Welcome back GJ.

  2. Thanks Pete, must admit I got all 'facebooked' having started a Wildlife photography page, but fully intend to keep the blog going, with just perhaps a few less photos, as that is what was taking up the time!! Glad you like the pics

  3. Excellent shots and wonderful pictures. I hope you all had a great time.

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