Saturday, 30 June 2012

Chester Zoo ........... Great Apes

The next installment from our Chester Zoo trip..... this time focussing on the Great Apes... namely the Orang Utans and the Chimpanzees. The majority of the Orangs were unfortunately indoors and difficult to photograph, but we did find a few youngsters playing outside in the sunshine.
Likewise the Chimps were mostly indoors or huddled in a tight group in the doorway, but one old guy was really relaxing in the sun, and looked almost human sunbathing on the grass!!


  1. More talking pictures, you have an amazing talent, as do these creatures you photograph....keep 'em cumin Gary!

  2. Love these Gary! You should ask for a caption contest with some of these. Good idea for traffic to your blog. I would love to participate.

  3. Ich sehe mir jeden Tag Ihre Bilder an.Ich bin restlos begeistert.Besonders haben es mir Ihte Tierfotos angetan.Vielen Dank daf├╝r


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