Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A busy month ......

Its been quite a busy month since I last posted, I have been lucky enough to get out and about a fair bit with the camera, the weather hasn't always been on my side but it has been enjoyable nonetheless.

About an hour down the welsh coast is a delightful little North Wales Wildlife Trust reserve called The Spinnies, and recently a pair of Kingfishers has been showing really well. The only difficulty is that where they have been perching only gets the sunlight on it mid afternoon, and the background isn't great, but I still managed to grab a few nice images and this is very much work in progress, and hopefully they will be about over the winter, worryingly the local Sparrowhawk has had a few goes at them, as much as I like Sparrowhawks ( see next post coming soon) I hope this one leaves them alone.






An area that I have recently starting visiting is Dumfries and Galloway, I wish I had been sooner as it is a beautiful place and extremely rich in wildlife. A bird that is thriving is the Red Kite, and it is these birds that I went looking for and photographed on part of the Galloway Kite Trail... sadly the conditions were difficult with a flat grey/white sky which doesn't show off the stunning colours of the Kites, but I will be back...







Jays are beautiful birds, often very secretive and difficult to photograph, but whilst I was up in SW Scotland photographing Sparrowhawks (see next post) I was lucky enough to photograph some Jays coming in to feed on peanuts, often involved in disputes with each other





and also Great Spotted Woodpeckers


Dumfries and Galloway is also a stronghold for Red Squirrels

Jumping Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel feeding

Red Squirrel

As we approach Autumn, the days are already starting to feel more autumnal, my mind is already switched on to the approaching Deer Rut, I just love being out photographing these awesome animals, with this in mind I had a pre Rut visit to Tatton Park to see what condition the Stags are in as the Rut approaches. And I wasn't surprised they are fit, ready and all tooled up for the fights ahead.







As I have mentioned my next post will be a bit special, I have been up in Dumfries specifically to photograph Sparrowhawks, I am back again later this week so will hopefully have some more special images to share.

My blog posts share a small amount of images I take, more can be seen on my Wildlife Photography Facebook page.... Gary Jones Wildlife Photography

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  1. Wonderful pics as always!!! Love kingfisher. Thank you for sharing

  2. Almost lost for words Gary....but just BRILLIANT.

  3. Exceptional shots Gary.

    My next visit to Wales must include the Spinnies this time.

  4. Quality work there Gary, very enjoyable to look at :-)

  5. Gary. I too am running out of words !! Your images are fantastic..They are all brilliant,just love the look on that first stag. I think you will have to move to Scotland, it has been very good to you and your camera this year.Keep up the excellent work.


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