Saturday, 7 September 2013

Going Macro

A real change of direction for me, my Wildlife photography has always been dominated by my first love Birds, and then mammals etc, but more recently I have started to admire other photographers macro images and the interest has grown.... to the point where I have just invested in a new 150mm F2.8 Macro lens, and a whole new world of photography has opened up.
I have had a few efforts with it this week, and have quickly realised it is going to take some practice... what this space!!
No idea what these are, but for starters I was quite pleased.





  1. Fantastic shots Gary, look forward to seeing more of your macro images

  2. Good luck with the new lens Gary, it'll certainly open up a whole new, and interesting, world of photography for you. Good luck with mastering the depth of field and, if you're working outside, the aching back and the green knees!!

    Excellent 'first' shots of the Greenbottle and a Hoverfly...[;o)

  3. Gary, I love your macro photography!

  4. Well Gary, I could be wrong but that last guy looks very similar to what we call a Palmetto bug in Florida..
    I believe it's related to some kind of roach. UGH !! They are an inch long, run very fast and can fly.The only difference is the Palmetto bug has very long antennae.
    Love your macro work ... Want to see the inside of flowers... BJ

  5. Great start to macro photography Gary,looks like the bug has already bitten.


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