Sunday, 11 August 2013

Back to Blogging!!!

At long last I think it's time to get back to blogging.... my apologies for the extended break, and as Sharon and I are in the process of setting up a joint website,  this has prompted me to get back to updating my blog and getting back in touch with all the great people who share their blogs.

My camera has been quite busy over the summer, and one of the highlights was a trip to Skomer Island, situated off the south west tip of Wales, it is a great place to visit to see Puffins especially. But we were surprised and pleased to also see Short eared Owls, although out of camera range.
We did return a few weeks later but unfortunately the weather conspired against us and the boats did not go out to the Island the two days we were down there.
Anyway amongst the many photo that I took, this selection were some of my favourites, I just love the Puffins against the dark cliffs of The Wick.






  1. Good to see you back Gary, your Puffin shots are wonderful

  2. Yes....good to see you back.The gap is plainly clear when we look at your previous 'snowy' post.

    Keep well Gary.

    1. Love you to Pete!! thanks for pointing that out ;-)

  3. Outstanding!! And glad to see you back (read Sharon's blog and heard about your health scare but so glad it is nothing to keep you from blogging and taking these wonderful photos).

  4. Welcome back Gary, I hope you're well on the way to recovery now?
    Super images of this colourful little bird, and the first image is just stunning!...[;o)


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