Friday, 1 October 2010

RSPB Leighton Moss

I think Leighton Moss is quickly becoming one of my favourite places to visit, I returned again yesterday on what I had hoped would be a nice sunny dawn, but it was a grim drizzly one, and i had hoped as on my previous visit last month to get some shots of the Red Deer who are now starting the Rut. I was in the hide by 7am, and there was plenty of stags roaring in the reeds but none visible, after my previous visit when there were stags in the open everywhere, sights where few and far between, and the best view I got was of a couple of stags that waded across the pool in the distance. Some of the shots are a bit grainy due to the low light conditions and the need for a high ISO. But they are more record shots than portraits, but nonetheless very enjoyable, especially with the anticipation of one of the big roaring stags appearing. Afterwards called in to the Eric Morecambe hide, lots of Godwits, Redshank, but a very busy hide meant a short stay!!

The first sighting in the early morning gloom, a young stag


A hind appeared out of the reeds


she was followed by her youngster, born this year no doubt


This stag appeared for a short time out of the reeds, his breath rising in the early morning chill



A couple of stags appeared at the end of the far pool a good distance away and waded across before disappearing into the reeds again




The bigger of the two was a real big fella, with at least 13 points to his antlers, maybe 14



Then they both disappeared off into the reeds again


During the long periods between deer sightings, as well as watching the numerous Teal feeding outside the hide, there were still a lot of Dragon Flies active, not easy to follow with the long lens but managed to catch this one, but need some help identifying it?


Then it was time to head off but quickly called in at the coastal hides, the Eric Morecambe hide was very busy and once I got past all the tripods etc had a quick scout about.
There was a big flock of Godwits in the centre of the pool but closer in where Redshank and Greenshank




Quite a few Wigeon nearer in, just starting to come out of their eclipse plumage to their winter colours



Not many Egrets about, these were over the far side of the pool


Not as successful a visit as I had wanted but I shall return over the next couple of weeks when hopefully the Deer, especially the rutting stags are more visible, but still a great morning.

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