Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tawny Owl and Marsh Harriers

Having switched my day off to the most promising good weather day this week, took a trip up to Leighton Moss, one I did last week but forgot to pack the camera memory cards!! having got some good sights of the Deer I vowed to myself to return this week to get some photos. Arrived at Leighton Moss at about 7am on a gloriously sunny morning, one of those its good to be alive mornings. Got to the Griesdale Hide where the deer where last week, you've guessed it not a sight, waited patiently watching the distant Marsh Harriers, and a couple of hours later decided to take the long walk to the other end of the reserve to the Lower Hide where I knew I had a chance of some close shots of the Marsh Harriers, and I wasnt disappointed. plus on the walk down there got the unexpected bonus shot of a Tawny Owl, was I a happy bunny.

The owl was roosting about 20ft away from the path, at first I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye and froze to the spot, fortunately there was a bench on the path at that same spot, so I carefully sat down and spent a good 20 minutes watching it, until it got spooked and flew off to a more secluded roost.




Then it was off to the Lower hide for the Harriers and i then spent an enjoyable couple of hours watching these majestic raptors. The male and female frequently being joined by their off spring hunting and displaying over the reed beds, I prayed for a close fly by and was rewarded when either the female or a juvenile came over to hunt at the water side about 50 ft from the hide. Falling onto its prey and then spending an agonising 40 minutes out of sight, no doubt consuming it before making an appearance.

Excitement levels increase as one moves in close to the hide







Down it goes, the autofocus let me down for this shot!


And it disappeared with its meal for a good 40 mins


Across the lake another was homing his attentions on the ducks on the waters edge, I think this is a juvenile as it seemed a little clumsy and in need of improving his hunting skills




When they take to the air they are such majestic flyers


Lastly not a sight I have seen before, a Heron up a tree!!


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